‘Shooting from the Hip’ 4. Stephen Buckeridge






The Searchers exhibition: September 12 – 24, 2014 ‘Shooting from the Hip’
Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Dave Morgan-Davies, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper

8 Artists: spotlighting an artist a week for 8 weeks leading up to the show.








Week 4. Stephen Buckeridge
In a conversation with Stephen last week on Skype we discussed possible unconscious influences and sources that may be apparent in his most recent paintings. Certain strong changes in the work triggered stories from the past, giving new insights and at the time conjured similar memories of my own.
When I was young my father used to bring paper home from work for me. Stephen’s own father did the same. He was an engineer who worked on the fuel systems of Condorde in the 60s. The paper had a grid – the same paper he used to develop his drawings……

‘The colour of the paper was a either a kind of burnt orange, an emerald green or a metallic blue, it had tiny squares within larger darker coloured squares. He also gave me staedler propelling pencils to work with – I still like the etched line they give. The paper was very susceptible to smudging, which I liked and still do’ SB

Ruth Piper – Founder of The Searchers contemporary