‘Shooting from the Hip’ 3. Stuart Low

The Searchers exhibition: September 12 – 24, 2014
‘Shooting from the Hip’

Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Dave Morgan Davies, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper
8 Artists: spotlighting an artist a week for 8 weeks leading up to the show.

Week 3: Stuart Low
I knew Stuart for a while as a successful glass artist and it was a pleasure to discover his paintings. The sometimes difficult philosophical and psychological shift needed to make the transition from glass to a fine art process seems not to pose a problem for Stuart. There is a laid back ‘coolness’ about his small paintings, underpinned by carefully controlled energy and intensity. His confident loose brushwork is sometimes overlaid with a more structured but soft playful grid that has a thoughtful diagrammatic quality.
The stained and painted glass commissions that provide his living subtly inform the painting with an innate sense of design and in the way that colours can appear to be backlit or giving off light. Ruth Piper – Founder of ‘The Searchers Contemporary’