Michael Hayter

The Searchers exhibition: September 12 – 24, 2014
‘Shooting from the Hip’

Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Dave Morgan Davies, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper

8 Artists: spotlighting an artist a week for 8 weeks leading up to the show.
Week 6: Michael Hayter
In Michael’s studio amongst the blood and violence, animals and humans appear in uneasy relationships. But if you wait and look for long enough there is a glimpse of something beautiful and quiet.
He is at his best somewhere in between this emotional spectrum when the paint and the image merge, when emotion, subject matter, colour and material seem to be working together in a powerful narrative.
‘Portrait of the young William Blake with earthworm’ is a small painting with a big punch. The bloodied head of a young boy possibly from the 18th Century judging by the haircut, neckerchief and dark coat stares out of the canvas. He has an eye patch or blindfold.
The thick layers of paint and the narrative combine and your eye is caught in a circular movement switching from the paint to the figure and back again.
Ruth Piper – The Searchers founder