Harriet Aston

The Searchers exhibition: September 12 – 24, 2014
‘Shooting from the Hip’

Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Dave Morgan Davies, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper

8 Artists: spotlighting an artist a week for 8 weeks leading up to the show.


Week 8: Harriet Aston
A strong sense of ‘otherness’ pervades when looking at Harriet’s sculptures. They have an insistent presence and a solid appearance that belies their fragile ephemeral nature. Made from salvaged brown wrapping paper, the waxy surface is dyed to mottled ‘skin like’ appearance, stiffened with tissue paper glued to the surface, then manipulated and stitched together. Free standing shapes prompt references to the human body, standing stones, rabbits, elephants ears or giant butterflies.

The ones made to hang on the wall encourage more abstract thoughts but images of fish tails lurk.

The most striking essence of all the works is their isolation. Although they share their materials and construction methods no two pieces are the same and even when close together they are silently and calmly disconnected.