13-28 August
The Searchers group of artists
An exhibition of painting, drawing, photography, collage & ceramic
Stephen Buckeridge | Dave Morgan Davies | Tony Eastman | Michael Hayter | Brendan Lancaster | Stuart Low | Joe Tymkow | Alexander Korzer Robinson | Maggie Royle | Jitka Palmer | Ruth Piper | Jess Woodrow

‘The Autonomous Object’
Peter Hardy & Stephen Towns
June 25th-July 19th 2013
An exhibition of sculpture
The genesis of these forms is a result of many years of individual investigations into specific aspects of the external world.

‘Lost in Transition’
Dave Morgan-Davies
May 21st-June 14th 2013
An exhibition of ‘quiet photography’
A distillation of a thousand images of land and sea taken during a recent residency on Cape Cornwall; Dave’s slow thoughtful ‘less is more’ approach captures the unique aura of the location.

‘Scenic wonders’-Modern masterpieces
Alexander Korzer-Robinson
Sculpted books
21st April – 7th May 2013
A new collection of sculpted tomes fresh from the cutting edge of Bristol artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson, whose extraordinary  creative practice has earned him a global following.
For this exhibition he has directed his precise wizardry to a group of volumes on the subject of medicine, obsessively carving his way through ‘Grays Anatomy’ and a ‘Larousse Medical’.

‘A Life in the Plan View’
April 9 – 19
Painting & collage by Ruth Piper

Intimate Abstraction
John Bunker, John Eaves RWA, Patrick Jones, Frank Bowling RA, OBE
An exhibition of paintings that incorporate varying elements of collage and derive from an intimate relationship with the material. They short circuit concept and fashion and encourage an engagement with the materiality of the work and the felt experience of it.
Curated by Nick Moore, Bristol-based painter, musician and writer.

24th February – 2nd March 2013
Fine Art Photography Exhibition
Ben Heathman | Danielle Arundel | George Scane | Hannah Ranken | Mary Roe | Ian Chittick | Beata Bartkevicha | Joe Williams | Luka Gatt | Tommy Sussex | Ibolya Feher | Philip Shannon | Siobhan Raw

An exhibition of paintings that appeals directly to the senses.

Jess Woodrow | Victoria Kaye | Dragomir Misina | Dan Hunt | Seamus Green

Curated by The Searchers lead artist and exhibition maker Ruth Piper, the title of the show was inspired by established gallery artist Jess Woodrow’s 2012 article on the very personal process of painting.
In keeping with the ethos of the gallery that brings together those at all stages of their careers, new paintings by Jess are presented alongside four promising artists in the early stages of their studio practices. All the paintings in the show require that certain stillness of mind necessary for both making and looking.
The modern eye looks for a quick fix ‘name it’ and move on but the creative brain craves mystery, imagination and a whiff of uncertainty.
Here, colour, texture, intensity and spontaneous brushwork touch the nerve endings and raise the spirits.

‘Surface disturbances-evidence of biological time-part 2’
Works on paper. Drawing, collage & construction
11 December – January 22

Preview: 11 December 5-7.30pm with seasonal refreshments

Frances Bloomfield
| Katherine Midgley | Melanie Russell | Michael Hayter | Alexander Korzer-Robinson | Ella Paine |
& guests Julie Parker | Rachel Labovitch | Tim Nurse









‘Surface disturbances-evidence of biological time-part 1’
Lucy Austin, Nick Moore, Ella Paine, Ruth Piper, Jilly Morris, Seamus Staunton, Ruth Solomons

The Searchers Contemporary gallery project presents their second exhibition since launching in September.
‘Surface disturbances’ is a group show of 7 contemporary artists working with paper, including painting, drawing, collage and construction.







‘Objects of Desire’………continues!

2-31October 2012

14 St Michaels Hill, BRISTOL, BS2 8DT.
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11-5pm

The Searchers Contemporary presents: ‘Objects of Desire’


Centrespace Gallery, 6 Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1EA. Tel: 0117 9291234

An exhibition of collectable art

Centrespace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol
September 7-19, 2012
Preview: Friday September 7, 6.30-9pm

Ten artists from Bristol and London:

Robert Lang – painting, Alex Korzer Robinson – sculpted books, Anne Adamson – painting, Midge Naylor – painting, Jess Woodrow – painting, Melanie Russell – painting, Stephen Buckeridge – painting, Maggie Royle – painting, Michael Hayter – painting, Brendan Lancaster – painting.

Events: Artists Talking

Saturday 8 September @ 2pm-Stephen Buckeridge

Saturday 15 September @ 2pm-Maggie Royle

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