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Tony Eastman
‘Shooting from the Hip’ 12th – 24th September 2014
@ Centrespace Gallery. Drawings & a film – ‘The book of ‘the’

I make sculpture in mixed materials. They take the form of chairs (not furniture) plus ladders, landscapes, small buildings, spoons and deconstructed books some of which have been made into short films.
I have also undertaken large scale projects in the U.K and Japan.
During the last six months I have been pre-occupied making small drawings almost exclusively on brown wrapping paper. They are composed of only two elements a box like frame and a shape piercing the box and sometimes creating an optical illusion. The inspiration for these drawings came from my interest in Japanese Zen gardens. These gardens with few exceptions use only gravel and rocks for their construction. I chose two elements in order to creatively challenge myself and come up with new ideas. It is an avenue I continue to explore.
These drawings have been exhibited at the following venues in 2013.
Gallery 11 Bristol.
R.W.A. ‘Drawn’ Bristol.
South Bank Bristol arts.
Thelma Hubert Gallery, Honiton.