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Stephen Buckeridge
‘Shooting from the Hip’ 12th – 24th September 2014
@ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
‘Objects of Desire’ 7th September-31st October 2012
@ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
‘Tumbleweed’ 13-28 August 2013
, @ St Michaels Hill, Bristol
In his work, Stephen is interested in the way the surface evolves through a series of dissonant events, each layer is a counter-action which supersedes the previous action. Each line or mark becomes and forms a kind of logical or even illogical sequence dividing the space; the line traverses the surface as if searching for a route, often forming or reforming spatial relationships. Each line or mark operates independently (neither one is a clone of the other but a new species), any action is an approximation or a hesitation, groping and awkward without a beginning and an end. The events within the surface are uncertain and probing; this diffidence is important to the uniqueness of each work. The painting/drawing becomes a history of imperfections or spontaneous actions, which transforms the surface into a series of activities, corrections, stops and starts. Sometimes the surface suggests a landscape or an architectural space – this result is incidental; he is more interested in how the surface becomes a synthesis of many actions and in turn reveal a history or memory of past actions or events.

CV & Biog

2012 ‘Surfaces’, Koukan Gallery, London (one person)
‘Surface 2’ Crypt Gallery, London
‘This Years Model’ @ Studio 1.1 Gallery
‘Ground Control’ Elements Art Space, Bath
2011 Artworks, Barbican Arts Trust, London (commended artist)
Paralax Art Fair, London
‘Surface’ Crypt Gallery, London
2010 ‘Open Edge’, 242 Gallery. London
2009  The ArtsDepot, London
Art in the Mind, The Bricklane Gallery, London
2007 Transmute’, The Etcetera Gallery, London
2006 ‘Mastering it’, The Stroud House Gallery, Stroud
‘Twisted, Cognative & Sublime’, The Wine Gallery, London

2003-05 – MA (Distinction) Fine art theory and practice (painting), Middlesex


1982-85 – BA Hons Fine art (painting), Falmouth School of Art


1985 – Clay Pits Drawing prize