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Ruth Piper
‘Shooting from the Hip’ 12th – 24th September 2014
@ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
‘Tumbleweed’, The Searchers Gallery, St Michaels Hill, Bristol 2013

Central to my work are notions of transition and transformation that link to a strong sense of place both physical and psychological.
Primarily I am painter but I also work with drawing, collage and more recently 3D: My work to date can be divided into three distinct phases that document important changes of circumstance and location.
The first phase incorporated an intense five year intuitive study: figurative, representational and observational: shifting into abstraction from 1995 – 2013 with a series of paintings grouped together under the title ‘Existential Diagrams’. An inquiry, informed and enriched by several trips to Australia, into how the energies of a particular ‘place’ real or imagined inhabit our minds and bodies.
‘Land of Plenty’ the third and current phase of work considers the contrast between the surface and the underworld, the superficiality of life on the edge. We are not what we appear. Behind the public face there is always tension and the possibility of undefined crisis.