Peter Hardy







Peter Hardy
‘The Autonomous Object’
26th June-19th July 2013

The German physicist; Werner Heisenberg said that “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning”.
It seems, then, that ‘Reality’ is a consequence of filtration and our senses only go so far. The ‘apparatus’ we design and employ to gauge or filter the world more accurately, however, may also say as much about the measurer as to what is being measured.
It is this relationship between the space of the outer world and the interior space of our inner world, where the ‘I’ lives, that fascinates me.
Apparatus, then, link the external to the internal, secondary mediators, filling the gap between the world ‘out there’ and the world ‘in here’.
CV & Biog

1979-1983 Winchester School of Art
1993-1995 MA Fine Art Kingston University
Exhibitions /Commissions
2012  ‘Drawing Towards Sculpture’ Hampshire Sculpture Trust
2004 ‘Discerning Eye’ Open Exhibition Mall Galleries
2004  Royal West of England Open Exhibition
2004  Royal West of England Academy Autumn Open Exhibition
2003 ‘Prime’ Five Man Show at Mile End Pavilion, Mile End London
2003  Royal West of England Academy Contemporary Open Sculpture Exhibition
2002  Public Art Commission Design/Manufacture Signage – HCC
2000  Public Art Commission for Photographic Installation – HCC
2000  Public Art Commission – Hampshire County Council
1995  London Group Biennial – Barbican Centre
1995  Group Exhibition – Cut Gallery, Waterloo
1995  Group Exhibition – Kingston Day Surgery
1994  Group Exhibition – Knights Park Gallery – Kingston
1986  Various Restoration/Conservation projects in Hampshire
2003 Awarded RWA Morris Singer Founders Casting Prize
1982 Awarded Hampshire Travel Scholarship