Patrick Jones







Patrick Jones
Exhibition: ‘Intimate Abstraction’ 7th March-5th April 2013

Patrick, lives and works near Exmouth in Devon. He studied at Exeter, Cheltenham and Birmingham colleges of art from 1965-71, and from 1973-5 was awarded the Hoftburger Scholarship to the Maryland Institute, Balyimore, USA.
He spent the decade of the 80s working, teaching and exhibiting in New York before returning to England in 1991.
Patrick is well known for his large, high key colour canvases in acrylic, often in series and in a vertical format, but he also works on a smaller scale on paper, continually experimenting with small groups of paintings, acrylics on paper, collage, studies for larger paintings or prints, groups of etchings, silkscreen prints and woodcuts.

Recent exhibitions have included ‘Pure Colour’ at the Gloss Gallery, Exeter and a forthcoming retrospective at Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin in June.