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Midge Naylor RWA
Exhibition: ‘Objects of Desire’ 7th September-31st October 2012

Midge is a Scottish painter who trained at UWE and works at BV Studios in South Bristol. She has exhibited in the RWA Autumn Exhibition yearly since 2006, as well as in both the Open Paint and Open Print Exhibitions, winning Best Regional Artist Award in 2007. She was elected as an RWA Academician in 2012 and has exhibited in numerous gallery and open submission shows including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Her work explores the role of the unconscious in image making – it is a poetic means to document her existence and to explore fluid notions of place, memory and experience. These works are not statements, they are invitations to meditate on images which elude definition and which can create interesting sensations and associations in the mind of the viewer. The idea of a painting as a material object with a concentrated presence is becoming increasingly important. In a complicated world of digital image-making and mechanical reproduction she feels a particular pleasure and emotive quality in a surface layered, scraped, rubbed and brushed. A haptic element increases the imaginary potential of the surface which can be both physical and ethereal. Marks and motifs which emanate from the paint surface are manipulated, edited and often buried again as an attempt at formal resolution takes place. She likes the tension between chance and order, freedom and control and often feels that a finished painting has been retrieved rather than created.

CV & Biog

2012 – Elected RWA Academician
2007 – Best Regional Artist Award, Royal West of England Academy
2007 – Elected member, Bath Society of Artists
1994 – B.A Hons. Fine Art University of the West of England