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Jitka Palmer
‘Shooting From the Hip’ Centrespace, 12 – 24 September 2014

‘Tumbleweed’ 13-28 August 2013
My work is figurative, narrative and expressive, inspired by stories and themes.
I love watching people, their body language and facial expressions and I am on the lookout for a special moments and situations accompanying every human activity. I use my sketchbooks, my books and my CDs as a valuable collection of raw material. Drawing and painting on a clay surface is a pivot of my work. I particularly like capturing the movement and energy of people in various activities like work, sport and music. I love the challenge of quick intuitive drawing without unnecessary detail. The effect of the graffiti, which can be exercised so liberally in ceramics, gives me immense, almost physical pleasure.
It serves as a visual storage of energy.
I draw on personal experiences, past and present, with a view to reflect the spontaneity of ordinary human life.