Jilly Morris



Jilly Morris
Exhibition: ‘Surface disturbances-evidence of biological time-part 1’ 8th November-5th December 2012

Jilly is interested in using an interplay of divergent media and processes, focusing on the dialogue between varied combinations of materials and meanings; for example, a dry stone wall is something solid and enduring, yet a re-created wall from stitched newspaper renders it disposable and fragile. Her practice often explores the communication between the intuitive mark and the constructed mark, combining the dynamic energy of the intuitive drawn line with different disciplines, in a contemporary and conceptual way. Drawing is a vital component of her practice because of its potential transference to other materials. It is important that her work holds a resonance of the hand made mark, a personal trace embedded somewhere. Another significant aspect to Jilly’s creative practice is the use of repetition. Each hand-made mark or motion, when repeated, gives a detailed uniqueness, in that every one is individual; each contains its own breath, its own moment.
CV & Biog

Academic History

2003 – 2006   University of West of England – ‘MA by Research (Design)’ – (merit)
1982 – 1985   Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic – BA Honours Degree – Graphic Design
1980 – 1982   Worcester Technical College – Foundation in Art & Design (DATEC)
Oct 2009 – Sept 2010 Visual Arts in Rural Communities Residency, Northumberland
March – May 2007 KHN Centre for the Arts Residency, Nebraska City, USA
Awards/Funding and Professional bodies
2011 Stitch & Think
2008 Emerging Enameller Award – British Society of Enamellers
2007 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council – Funding
2007 Emerging Designer Maker Award – Devon Guild Craftsmen
2007 Awarded Associate Membership Devon Guild of Craftsmen
2007 Associate membership – ETC) Research Group, UWE
2010 – Enamel workshops Highgreen Northumberland
2008/9 – Gifted & Talented Workshops – UWE
2007- Teaching enamel and clay workshops to young mothers of Meriton School
2007 – Teaching enamel workshops at Wellspring Healthy Living Centre
2009 – North Tynies Parent and Toddler Group – Enamelled wall panel
November 2012. Stitch & Think, Bristol Museum, Bristol
August 2012. Gallery 55, Hartley Witney
June 2012. Drawing Permanence & Place, Kulturhaus Kroenbacken, Erfurt, Germany
May 2012. Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol
April 2012.  Pairings 11 – Conversations & Collaborations, Stroud International Textile Festival
March 2012. Drawing Permanence & Place, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff
November 2011. ‘Jilly Goes North’ film screening, Cube Cinema                    November 2011. ‘Presence’ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
October 2011. ‘Jilly Goes North’, film premier, Highgreen Northumberland
August 2011. Drawing Permanence & Place, Kunstverein, Coburg, German
September 2010. Artist Residency Show, Highgreen Northumberland.
January 2010. Cheltenham Art Gallery, Gloucestershire
September 2009. Bilston Craft Centre, Wolverhampton
August 2009. View Gallery, Bristol
April 2009. Studio Fusion, Oxo Tower, London
June 2009. Rhyl Arts Centre, Wales
February 2009. 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Lincolnshire
July 2008. New Designers (applied arts section) – London. Independently organised with group.
November 2008/9. Shire Hall Gallery, Staffordshire
September 2008. The Devon Guild of Craftsmen
February 2008. ETC Research Group – ‘The Spoon That Feeds the Soul’, London/Bristol
November 2007/8. Pyramid Gallery, York
November 2007/8. New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey
November 2007/8. Found – ETC Badge Project
October 2007. UWE collaboration with BRACE, ‘Aging in the 21st Century Conference’, Bristol
May 2007. Memories of Nebraska’- KHN Centre for the Arts, USA
January 2007. Get Fresh; emerging designer makers – Devon Guild of Craftsmen
December 2006/7. ETC Badge Project – University of the West of England
August 2006. Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome
August 2006. Rising Stars Studio Fusion, Oxo Tower, London
June 2006. MA show, UWE, Bristol
October 2005. Metamorphosis, The Enamellist Society, California – (Juried Exhibition)
2003 – 2008. 3D Gallery, Bristol
2012. Pairings 11 – Conversations & Collaborations catalogue, SIT publication
2011. Drawing Permanence & Place catalogue, UWE publication
2010. An magazine, October Issue
2010. 1,873,333 Steps – A Peripatetic Investigation, VARC residency catalogue
2010. Hexham Courant Newspaper, Friday 3rd September, page 18
2010. The Journal Extra, Thursday 2nd September
2010. Visual Arts in Rural Communities 10 year celebration book, VARC publication
2009. Playing With Fire, Contemporary UK Enamel, catalogue
2007. Remember Me (Science, Art & Alzheimer’s Disease, BRACE Charity production
2005. Metamorphosis, The Enamellist Society Exhibition 2005, publication of finalists