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Dave Morgan Davies
‘Shooting from the Hip’ September 12th – 24th 2014
@ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
‘Lost in Transition’
May 21st –June 14th 2013, St Michaels Hill, Bristol
‘Tumbleweed’ 13-28 August 2013
, St Michaels Hill, Bristol
Using photography and film I make work about my relationship with the landscape. This began with a concern about the environment, but has evolved to capture the vastness of what surrounds us. It explores the idea of ‘slow’ photography; to embed myself within a scape, and remain looking for a long time. Recent work has been pared back to investigate what isn’t there, just as much as what is. Quiet, introspective and isolated, much of my work reveals no inhabitants; only the impact that man has had on the land.

All work is editioned and ranges in scale from small intimate pieces (30cm x 46cm) to larger works (66cm x 102cm). Although some prints are framed and behind glass, my favoured approach is to dry mount on aluminium. Prices £125 – £850.