Brendan Lancaster







Brendan Lancaster
Exhibition: ‘Objects of Desire’ 7th September-31st October 2012
‘Tumbleweed’ 13-28 August 2013

Brendan works on paintings over long periods, changing them radically at each stage. The painterly effects that interest him suggest energy that flows, the expansion and compression of form, the diversion of a line, the spatial illusions of colour.

He allows the final state of the painting grow from many detours, dead ends, failures, decisions, errors and changes of heart. From all this he is looking to uncover an image that arrives from nowhere. It seems now that artists can borrow almost anything from the past. Brendan’s work tries to use these possibilities, to borrow from other painters, but selectively, narrowing to a few very painterly references.

“In Lancaster’s paintings we are invited to read within inherited traditions. He questions his and our own expectation of inherent possibilities. Broad, oily brushstrokes take agitated pleasure in both implying and denying gestural mark making. Lancaster’s work floats over the Modernist project, with a playful eye to the exasperating complexities of the contemporary.” – Patrick Brandon

CV & Biog

2012 – Exeter Contemporary Open, Phoenix Gallery

2012 – John Moores Painting Prize exhibition
2012 – ‘As little as it needs as much as it can take’. Group painting exhibition with Patrick Brandon & Lloyd Durling. Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol
2011 – National Open Competition, Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol
2011 – Open Painting Competition, Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol
2010 – New Paintings, Room212, Bristol
2007 – Bristol Art show, Centrespace, winner, sponsors prize.
2006 – New work, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol