‘Shooting from the Hip’ 2. Dave Morgan-Davies

The Searchers exhibition: September 12 – 24, 2014
‘Shooting from the Hip’

Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Dave Morgan Davies, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper
8 Artists: spotlighting an artist a week for 8 weeks leading up to the show.
Week 2: Dave Morgan-Davies
There is something very slightly supernatural about Dave’s images that makes you want to keep looking, an uneasy stillness and a hint of anxiety that if you look away an event will be missed or changes occur that will go unseen. It’s all about what you can’t see and this sensation remains through repeated viewings. Watching his film ‘The Swimmer’ begins with the sea pounding the perimeter of a created lagoon where the water is relatively calm. This scene continues for a long while until you forget the title and are mesmerised by the waves, then, quite suddenly it seems, a man in trunks walks into the frame, goes for a swim in the lagoon, climbs out and leaves. It’s as if he was never there and it all begins again. Ruth Piper – Founder of The Searchers Contemporary