‘Surface disturbances-evidence of biological time-Part 2







Artists Talk: Thursday 20th December @ 7pm.
Entry £3.00 inc. seasonal refreshments
An informal talk and discussion

Katherine Midgley
Katherine graduated recently from University College, Falmouth. Her charcoal drawings deconstructing the built environment imagine a newly configured future with psychological passion and precision. Her control over both subject matter and medium is masterful.

As the end of the world approaches (again) her new drawing made especially for The Searchers ‘Surface disturbances-part 2’ exhibition describes in detail one possible scenario for our predicted demise!

With all the recent the talk of advances in robotics, think block buster disaster movie.

I am looking at a cyber attack.

A large robotic insect has descended from a hovering spaceship and is approaching fast from dead centre. A nightmare of destruction is all around, fragments of buildings are sprayed across the paper. The Robot itself is also under attack but with little effect. Like The Terminator it will never stop, the robot has developed beyond its creator and is out of control.

Ruth Piper Dec 2012