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Michael Hayter – Saturday October 20 2012
Artist Michael Hayter spoke about his work to an enthusiastic group on Saturday afternoon at The Searchers new gallery space on St Michaels Hill, provoked interesting discussion and debate that continued over tea & cake!
Micheal’s work can be seen in the current show ‘Objects of Desire’ until Oct 31.


A must see show of UWE photogaphy graduates!


The acclaimed photographer Robert Frank once compared the nature of black and white photography to that of “the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.”

In the control of their materials and approach to their subject matter, the seven photographers in this exhibition have expanded upon Frank’s binary perspective and, instead, elected to occupy the grey area in between. Works in exhibition include Beata Bartkevicha’ s luminous landscapes which draw on the pictorial conventions of nineteenth century painting to develop a project that is at once both studiously topographical and intensely personal, and an elegantly quiet series of styled portraits by Siobhan Raw that draw their inspiration from novels translated into a series of film stills.

In avoiding the clichéd romanticism or misplaced neutrality often conferred upon the black and white photograph, these photographers have sought to employ a breadth of tonality that, in turn, reflects the subtlety of their representations of the world around them.

Nick Bright
Photographer and Senior Lecturer at University of the West of England